National University
Medical Cooperation Network

National University Medical Cooperation Network supports international patients who are foreign nationals as well as Japanese nationals residing in overseas for smooth and safe consultation and treatment.

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About us

In recent years, the number of inquiries from the international patients seeking advanced medical technology have been increasing. To respond to these needs, we established National University Medical Cooperation Network, and are conducting arrangement of acceptance in the national university hospitals of the network.
We are aiming to ensure that we support smooth acceptance for the international patients, and we create an environment in which we enable to provide Japanese advanced medical technology.

The network administrative office as its base office will cooperate with other network members. Please go to the application page first, and fill out medical concerns of patients or their attending doctor in the form and send it to us.

Why choose our networkYou can receive

Flow of consultation

Sending your application
Please answer questions in the application form of this website.
Introducing the hospital
We select a university hospital from the network members, and will contact you.
We check a detailed medical condition of the patient, and we coordinate a schedule between the prospective university hospital and you.
Visiting the hospital
Please visit the hospital.


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